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01/28/2014 12:00 AM

01/27/2014 5:33 PM

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Another shooting in a mall, after recent shooting in schools, movie theaters and grocery stores. Is no place safe? I guess we will all stay home, shop online, download movies, homeschool our kids, have groceries delivered. It does not sound like much fun. And just so everyone can own guns.

Two people and the shooter were killed in a Baltimore mall. The weapon of choice was a shotgun, the favorite weapon of Vice President Joe Biden.

I’m looking for investors in a franchise of kiosks renting designer bulletproof vests. They will be located in parking lots of malls, movie theaters, universities and schools. The present distorted interpretation of the Second Amendment will guarantee a low-risk high return on your investment.

Saying there’s never a conceal-carry permit holder around when needed is a self-fulfilling prophecy: Where do almost all of these mass shootings take place? Gun-free zones, where even legal carriers aren’t supposed to carry.

Why is it that the shooters at the malls, schools, theaters, political functions, etc., are all males?

I can’t decide who is more ignorant – the ultraconservative who does not believe that there are people who deserve governmental assistance, or the liberal who does not believe that there are numerous freeloaders taking advantage of our country’s social programs.

The March for Life was a peaceful, respectful event where there was singing, praying and cheering for the life of unborn children. And no anger. The pro-choice people could learn something from this.

I long for the days of decent censorship on TV, and prayer and discipline in school. Since that has gone away, the U.S. has gone to the chamber pot. Kids act like fools. There is nothing but profanity and indecency on TV. Liberals call this progressive.

Just because someone in Europe says the WSU Symphony is good, does that mean it has to go? Oh, I forgot – the symphony is not hooked up with the basketball program. Suppose the situation were reversed. I’ll bet the money would be there at the snap of a finger.

I hope they catch whoever took all of the orange cones, concrete barriers and construction signs by the new East Kellogg traffic sign. Oh, you mean they weren’t meant to be permanent?

The Forum Theatre’s wonderful production of “Driving Miss Daisy” is one of its best, and all three actors are terrific. Highly recommended.

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