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01/26/2014 12:00 AM

01/24/2014 6:56 PM

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If Wichita wants to become more well-known, there is a very simple way to do it. Offer Peyton Manning whatever it takes for him to yell “Wichita, Wichita” instead of “Omaha, Omaha” before every play at the Super Bowl.

Let’s see if we can convince local announcers and reporters that the city’s name is “Wich-i-ta,” three syllables. Not “Wich-ta.” Not “Wish-ta.” Please don’t be in such a hurry that you can’t pronounce it correctly.

President Eisenhower was not a native Kansan and had absolutely no connection to Wichita. Why don’t we honor two honest-to-goodness great men from Wichita and rename the airport for the “Air Capital”? Doesn’t the name “Beech-Cessna Airport” have a nice ring to it?

Is there a drone somewhere with Edward Snowden’s name on it?

People keep wondering why the economy stays bad. It is because we don’t have an FDR.

Conservatives are the true liberals, championing the Constitution as written and a safety net, not a hammock.

The Democrats’ agenda is evident: Discredit any Republican possibly considered as a future political contender.

I am dealing with new health insurance under the new Obamacare rules. It is a disaster. I am dealing with KanCare for my adult son who is severely disabled. It is a disaster. How the Republicans in this state can denigrate Obamacare and praise KanCare is beyond me.

A “no guns” sign posted on nonsecure buildings protects no one from deranged criminals, as they don’t obey gun laws anyway. But a responsible packing citizen just might save your life. Thank you, City Council, as I feel much safer knowing someone might prevent or lessen tragedies.

Were the Republicans feeling so insecure that they had to carry guns into their state convention?

Gun control does work. It just doesn’t work well enough because there isn’t enough of it.

Kansas needs to abolish the death penalty ASAP. It is costly, inefficient and often based on revenge – not a Christian virtue.

Would you still support the death penalty if your loved one were wrongly convicted and sitting on death row? Would you still want to speed up the process?

I’ll gladly take the chance of being wrongly executed if taking that chance will give me the pleasure – while still living – of knowing that the Carr brothers have finally been snuffed.

If Secretary of State Kris Kobach can check for Kansas birth certificates of suspended voter registrations, why can’t he do it for all registrations, so no one born in Kansas would have to provide a birth certificate?

The campaign for soda-free Sunday is absurd. What am I supposed to drink with my whiskey?

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