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January 27, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 27)

Barack Obama has finally decided to obey the law. He will not run for a third term.

Barack Obama has finally decided to obey the law. He will not run for a third term.

Thank you, Kathleen Parker, for the great column (“Marriage is part of ‘war on poverty’ arsenal,” Jan. 17 Opinion). No marriage commitment is definitely a problem with the poverty in America. Where are our Christian values? Not passed down?

North, south, east or west, there is an exit leading you out of Kansas if you do not like living here. Please feel free to leave our state.

I think it’s interesting that those who are the first to cry “racism” are the same ones who think it’s funny to demoralize women.

This is to the person that thinks tithes are spent on “architectural wonders to glorify His name.” Are you forgetting that churches have bills to pay? I don’t think water, gas, electricity and insurance are free. Where do you think money to pay these comes from?

That person sitting next to you in a theater or somewhere else carrying a concealed weapon might save your life someday.

Tekele Cotton’s dunk was a dunk that was heard around the world.

Oh, my – that had to have been one of the greatest dunks I’ve ever seen.

Why haven’t the inside lanes on Kellogg at Armour opened yet? It was announced in mid-October that the project would take six weeks. It has now been more than 12, and they are still closed. It looks done now. What’s the delay?

It is remarkable that Kris Kobach has found documentary evidence that provides voting privileges to disenfranchised voters. There is every reason to restore this magnanimous individual to office.

Where were our phony Kansas politicians, our “keepers of morality and family values,” when the sudden huge increase in propane rates occurred? Where are they now? Right where they’ve always been – in big corporations’ pockets.

Because Gov. Sam Brownback is a man of faith, we thought he would walk in the footprints of Jesus. Instead, he walks in the footprints of Rick Perry. Instead of asking what Jesus would do, Brownback follows what Perry does. Texas is not heaven and Rick Perry is a false idol.

I do not go to church because I follow the Ten Commandments and I do not want to see a bunch of sinners and insecure people.

Tear down Century II and put up a parking lot. I mean – put up an oil well, or two, or several.

Those who “know” that they have a strong moral compass usually don’t act like it.

The suggestion to name the Wichita airport after Ken Landwehr is the most sensible thing I have heard in a long time.

The Eagle’s new comics must have been selected because they are the cheapest to run. After giving them a fair chance, I can’t think of any other reason.

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