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01/24/2014 12:00 AM

01/23/2014 5:52 PM

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My job was eliminated from Learjet on Thursday. I’ll be surprised if Learjet exists two years from now.

Is it just me or does Phil Robertson look a lot like Osama bin Laden? Have you ever seen them together?

I wish the state budget had enough money in it to pay for a black marker and a half dozen sheets of paper to let citizens know where the only open entrance to the Statehouse is.

Now that our lawmakers in Topeka have televised sonograms, how about some televised brain scans of our legislators?

A few months in a baby’s life can be the difference between lawfully being murdered by the woman who gets to decide what she wants to do with her own body (besides the decision to have unprotected sex) and enjoying the same life and rights enjoyed by American feminists.

Access to contraception is the most effective and humane means to stop abortion. You have a heart, now use your brain.

Four Americans died in Benghazi. Twenty-six Americans died at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Which outrages conservatives more?

With every school shooting, the media start a new round of “we need more gun control.” Gun control has not worked and will not work. Why don’t we allow licensed adults to carry their guns on campus, and stop this crazy bloodshed on the spot?

It would be so nice to not have the daily letters and comments on the Opinion page focus on abortion and guns. Oops, I forgot – this is Kansas.

We can thank the basketball gods that WSU doesn’t have to play Creighton this year and that KU doesn’t have to play WSU.

WSU doesn’t have anything to gain by playing KU in basketball.

WSU is undefeated in the extremely soft MVC. I don’t understand why coach Gregg Marshall has not suggested WSU move to the Big 12 and play some talented and ranked teams. That move would satisfy the WSU fans’ desire to finally play KU and K-State.

We like and respect Denise Neil as a columnist, but if her article about the missing nude painting from the Candle Club is front-page stuff (Jan. 21 Eagle), we’d like to see it.

There is a large nude painting of the owner of another local club that hangs above the bar. The patrons would most likely offer a reward to someone to steal the painting.

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