Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 23)

01/23/2014 12:00 AM

01/22/2014 5:21 PM

I think that Congress focusing on problems instead of solutions and lacking the ability to work together to find solutions presents an example to the public that robs our country of our pride and dignity. Whether at the federal or state level, please lead again. Quit grandstanding and playing politics.

If New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie knew or didn’t know what was happening with “bridgegate,” either way he messed up. That helps explain why he has replaced much of his arrogance with apology.

Look up how to identify a “bully.” Every characteristic listed fits Christie. He is the poster child for that character flaw. Actions speak louder than words, and false contriteness only adds insult to injury.

What would Christie be saying if the bridge fiasco had been on Obama’s watch? I bet his tune would change.

Christie has received far more attention and scrutiny by the media and Democrats than any of Obama’s self-described phony scandals. I wonder if they realize they are just giving Christie far more publicity and name recognition than he could ever buy.

Obama’s legacy: Replaced Carter as the worst president in modern history.

When a Democrat says “tolerance,” he means “tolerance for any behavior except anything remotely resembling traditional moral values.”

I recall being told that spending $190 million for the downtown arena would draw more convention business. Then why do we need to build another Century II? That building was renovated a couple of years back, and I would like to know the last time the performing arts made a profit.

To those who think that cold weather early this month was evidence that global warming is not happening: How did you feel about 50-degree weather in the middle of January?

Clownish cartoon-character personal injury attorneys entertain us with their TV ads. They are the visible sign of the underlying destruction of our society by the broken legal system, a system that really serves only themselves. At our expense.

Attorneys, since your ad agency won’t tell you, let me. In TV advertising there is what is known as the “irritation factor.” If you run too many ads, you repel your potential clients, not attract them.

I find it difficult to put athletes who lie and cheat the system in a hall of fame. What have they contributed to society? Doctors, nurses, scientists and engineers actually benefit mankind and are much more deserving of a hall of fame status.

I, for one, don’t want to see our three major universities beating up on one another. I enjoy seeing all three of them out there making our state look good.

Who selected the new comic strips for The Eagle? I suspect that it’s part of a larger conspiracy for the purpose of dumbing-down Wichitans.

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