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01/23/2014 12:00 AM

01/22/2014 5:21 PM

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You know you are from Kansas if, upon meeting new people, one of the first questions is: “Where do you go to church?”

Who needs drones to hunt deer? I got a 14-point buck – with my car.

I have been a registered voter in Kansas for 55 years, and I fail to understand why I need Secretary of State Kris Kobach to protect my vote.

The number of people with suspended voter status should be decreasing, with the help of voter-registration organizations such as the League of Women Voters. If no one can help them get identification, assume they are illegal.

Commonsense campaign-finance reform: The lieutenant governor can give $1 to a candidate. The Koch brothers can give $1 to a candidate. I can give $1 to a candidate. That levels the playing field.

Erstwhile conservative Sen. Jerry Moran voted for the federal spending plan that cut veterans’ retirement benefits by 20 percent. Promises made should be kept. But he was bipartisan and got things done, don’t you know.

If our local members of Americans for Prosperity think our city transit system should be run by the private sector, why don’t they give it a try? They surely know how to run it and make a profit, since they are so sure that’s a “better alternative.”

Because of our state’s water-shortage problems, I have learned the fact that “the skies are not cloudy all day” after day after day is not really a good thing. Enough abundant sunshine. I want about 12 inches of snow.

How long must we wait for the confusing northbound lane markings to be fixed on Webb Road north of 13th? It’s a wonder there haven’t been numerous sideswipe accidents.

To the person who doesn’t understand why “servers and others expect tips of 15 to 20 percent, yet God asks a mere 10 percent in tithes”: God doesn’t have to buy food, clothes and shelter for his family. His 10 percent is for the architectural wonders to glorify his name.

Servers have to buy diapers and put gas in the car. An omnipresent being has no transportation or other living expenses. Your tithe serves to further your church’s social control agenda, and is tax-free at that.

A person has to be really dumb to call Charles Krauthammer dumb.

After watching the movie “Lone Survivor,” I will never complain about an ache or pain again. Ever.

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