Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 22)

01/22/2014 12:00 AM

01/21/2014 5:45 PM

Do you find it strange that we have mail delivery on Abraham Lincoln’s birthday, the one who freed the slaves, but on Martin Luther King Jr. Day there is no service?

I hope the next time the idiots go to do research on global warming, they do not get stuck in ice and have to be rescued again.

Somebody complaining about jobs leaving (Jan. 20 Opinion Line) was not educated enough to use the term NAFTA, and blamed it on President Clinton. In fact, NAFTA was introduced by George H.W. Bush, and Clinton signed it under pressure from the Gingrich-led Congress. Kansan ignorance is incredible.

Change election standards to fix problems with a $2 million total spending cap, two-week election period and two televised debates. This would be beneficial and the same time give independents a fair chance.

Our politicians and our government need to think before we enter wars or even start them. Case in point – Vietnam, Korea, Iraq and Afghanistan. To our military, war is a business, so it just “moves on,” yet families and friends feel the loss of the damaged and fallen soldiers forever.

Obama’s popularity is now declining across all income and race demographics. Mainstream analysts says it’s because there are people who just don’t want a black president. So they did like him but, after five years, they finally realized he’s black?

A nun in Italy was having stomach pains and gave birth to a child. I am surprised the Obama administration hasn’t used this as a reason why the Colorado nuns suing over Obamacare need birth control.

So our president said that the Internet was created by government research. That being said, it is obviously a Republican contribution that is keeping his health care law from smoothly rolling out. Also, a quick shout-out to Al Gore. Without him, we would all still be using the pigeon.

Please cite just one instance where Charles Krauthammer has been dishonest, uninformed or ignorant.

We don’t have the civil war contention anymore, but we do have a north-south border war starting with KU versus Oklahoma State to take its place. That adds to the fun for fans of basketball. Then there is Marcus Smart, who last year did the flip in Lawrence and the flop this year.

The Shockers are acting like bullies, daring teams to play them. Quit talking smack on the Jayhawks and let your play speak for itself. And quit calling them “the Chickens.” That doesn’t help your case.

Pray for your marriage every single day.

I just finished spending a few moments reading the Sunday comics, which I normally enjoy, but “WuMo” made me want to gag. These new comics are totally lame. Please bring back “Get Fuzzy.”

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