Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 21)

01/21/2014 12:00 AM

01/20/2014 6:07 PM

Enough about how the Shockers haven’t played real competition this year. Charles Koch Arena has displayed the welcome mat to anyone who will play us. It is not our fault these “high-end” universities refuse to play us.

Maybe one day WSU fans can just enjoy the ride instead of worrying who won’t play them.

I want to know the amount of Kansas taxpayers’ money Kris Kobach has spent on his voter-registration issue.

How can someone compare proving one’s citizenship to vote to showing an insurance card to renew their car tags? Voting is a right guaranteed by the Constitution. Renewing your tags, or driving for that matter, is not.

How sad that NYPD now stands for New York Phony Disabilities.

Yes, if your employer says “no” to performing your duties with marijuana in the system, you can lose your job after a drug test. Which is more important – keeping a job, or a vacation with pot parties?

Obama admitted to smoking weed and said it’s no worse than booze. The Eagle buries the story in a few paragraphs on Page 10A Monday. Had it been a Republican, the story would have taken up the entire front page.

Downtown Detroit has been hit by a massive sinkhole. Yes, it started about 30 years ago.

Obama’s 2014 laserlike focus on income inequality is admirable. For we socialists, this constitutes the ultimate nirvana. While he is at it, how about including golf inequality as well? This would mean that hackers get to play as often as Obama does, and on someone else’s dime. Fore!

Obama, Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats have said unemployment compensation creates jobs. That is idiocy. Every dollar of unemployment first comes out of the economy, preventing it from being spent or invested elsewhere.

I certainly believe any Democrat who speaks out against Chris Christie, since both of the Clintons and Obama are such good examples of that party’s desire to be honest, upstanding, law-abiding and moral.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein and a few other members of Congress responsible for oversight of the NSA are spreading propaganda that Edward Snowden was some kind of Russian superspy. Poppycock. They only wish it were so because they’re so embarrassed about their own ineptitude.

I am really trying to “enjoy” the new comics. Not only are they immature, the cartoonists are not artists and the copy is dumb. Please release “WuMo” and “Argyle Sweater” from their contract.

What is wrong with the comics page editor? Since the new comics started, I have seen many comments in the Opinion Line from people who hate the new comics, saying, “please bring back the old ones.” But the new ones keep on and on.

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