Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 20)

01/20/2014 12:00 AM

01/17/2014 5:58 PM

Apparently, all I have to do to get liberals to jump on my bandwagon is to dress up in a white lab coat and say, “My study proves (fill in the blank).” Should be easy enough.

If the recent record-breaking cold here is proof the global warming doesn’t exist, then the extreme heat wave in Australia is also proof that it does exist. Go figure.

Just a note to the victim-mentality society: If you do not want your children in the system, quit neglecting them, quit abusing them and, for goodness sake, take some responsibility and be the parents that you are meant to be.

Forget the candlelight vigils after yet-another school shooting. Better to insist that the parents or guardians who are leaving these unlocked weapons lying around so they can be used to kill by their deranged kids be locked up themselves for being so irresponsible.

People who promote guns like to argue that anyone who goes on a shooting spree is insane. If so, then the 1,828 guns found among airline passengers by the TSA in 2013 is strong evidence of our national insanity.

Go figure. I go to the doctor for a well check only to read a sign on the door, “If you think you have the flu, please ask for a face mask.”

Can anyone tell me why gasoline prices in Wichita will go up 10 cents and more overnight, yet come down at the rate of 2 cents every other week? It sounds like blatant collusion/price-fixing, and we are paying the price.

Apparently Gov. Sam Brownback thinks that whichever guy has the most toys (money) wins. Not so. It’s the quality of the toys that counts.

It was a thrill to read Davis Merritt’s brilliantly thought-out essay (“Pope challenges our political habits of mind,” Jan. 14 Opinion). Wow.

I started reading Leonard Pitts’ column (Jan. 13 Opinion) and was pleased he actually could write about something besides racism, and perhaps something positive. But it was too good to be true. He descended on the Republican Party like a vulture on roadkill, and proceeded to pick it to pieces.

Please bring back “Speed Bump” to The Eagle comics.

Before the addition of the five new comic strips, I read all of them but one (“Get Fuzzy”). Now, I read all but five.

Of all the new comic strips, only one has the slightest promise, but I will not tell you which, as I am sure the comics editor will cancel it.

Please bring back “Jump Start.” It’s a great, positive family comic that epitomizes close minority families.

Who said that the comics are limited to two pages? Put the ones everyone is asking for on a third page. Solved.

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