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01/20/2014 12:00 AM

01/17/2014 5:56 PM

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The Obama administration has brought us housing bailouts, bank bailouts, alternative energy bailouts, auto industry bailouts and, soon, the insurance company bailouts. And the average American family gets stuck with the bill.

If things don’t change, before we know it the aliens will invade New York and we will have a king to kneel to. Though if I had a choice between Loki or Obama, I’d chose Loki.

Anyone who couldn’t predict what would happen to the economic future of our country when Bill Clinton signed all those free-trade agreements should not be allowed to vote.

At the end of his State of the State speech, Gov. Sam Brownback acknowledged God. From the looks of his poll numbers and Paul Davis’ fundraising, Brownback is going to need all the divine intervention he can get if he is to be re-elected.

Dear job creators: Please stop by for your drug test (to prove you are not abusing the tax-cut system). In addition, we (the people) would like an accounting of jobs created. If you are not doing your part with new jobs, please get off the tax-cut dole and pay your way.

So we can forgive every politician for every wrong decision or infraction they willingly make, whether major or minor, but we cannot forgive the poor their poverty, the disabled their inability, the ill their lack of health, the elderly their aging, or the unenlightened their lack of education?

Apparently a lot of people in Wichita believe that if they put furniture, appliances and electronics by the curb or in the street, or leave the garbage lying in their yard, that in the middle of the night the trash fairy will come and take it away.

I would like to inform the two middle-aged women who picked up a used exercise bike Thursday afternoon on North Coolidge that the intent was to donate the bike to AmVets. Two full pink AmVets bags were leaning against the bike. Do the right thing and take it to AmVets.

A big “thanks” to the lady in the white SUV Lexus on Jan. 11 in the Starbucks line for buying my coffee. I bought the lady’s coffee behind me as well.

Is there a particular reason that so many drivers entering and exiting Starbucks at Central and Rock are so rude, inconsiderate, pushy and dangerous?

Can I get a drone hunting license here?

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