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01/18/2014 12:00 AM

01/17/2014 5:49 PM

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A police chief says for kids to stand up to bullies. Some people are appalled that someone would suggest that you would fight back. If you don’t, a bully never stops. You do and the bully won’t pick on you again. Your choice.

We already have all-day kindergarten in Kansas, on any day the Legislature is in session.

Who are these people the Brownback administration expects to flock to Kansas because of low income tax? Not once has any person I know mentioned income-tax rates as a motivation (or deterrent) to move.

“A big God that loves us and lives within us” are lovely words and a source of strength for many, until they come from the mouth of a politician.

More than 75,000 active concealed-carry permits in Kansas, and since 2006 not one instance of an O.K. Corral-like gunfight. Once again the fears of the left have been proved unfounded.

The pope is just reminding us to use the Golden Rule in our dealings with others. His critics use the other golden rule: “Those with the gold make the rules.”

The real President Obama finally showed his hand by saying that if Congress doesn’t do it his way, he will use his pen and phone to do what he wants and when. Time to rein in this administration.

Is it just me or is the Chris Christie “Bridgegate,” where no one lost their life, getting a whole lot more media than other major problems like Benghazi, Iraq, etc.?

After hearing nonstop about the costs of the 2013 government shutdown and the pain and suffering of those affected, I wonder what additional costs have been incurred with the botched health care rollout, the effort to fix the website, and now the replacement of the Canadian contractor.

Why is it that whenever WSU loses the refs always get blamed, but when WSU is winning the refs are not congratulated by both the press and fans? Go, refs – keep up the great job.

What’s the difference between a 3-week-old puppy and a good chunk of Wichita State fans? It’s that in another six weeks the puppy will stop whining.

I’m a KU fan who celebrates the Shockers’ current success. However, it’s no secret why they don’t get as much respect from outsiders as they seem to believe they deserve. They’re going to have to join a major basketball conference to ever truly run with the big dogs.

My husband and I would like to thank the couple who paid for our breakfast at IHOP on Jan. 11. We were so surprised, and we will pay it forward.

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