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January 17, 2014

Opinion Line (Jan. 17)

Why doesn’t the Kansas Legislature put pot legalization on the ballot? Let the public decide.

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Why doesn’t the Kansas Legislature put pot legalization on the ballot? Let the public decide.

To the person who wants WSU in the Big 12: Did you just come back from Colorado?

If you listen carefully, you can hear a few open-minded, sensible people with some long-absent middle-of-the-road common sense beginning to raise their political voices. Thank goodness. It’s about time.

Politicians will be coming out of the woodwork in 2014 wanting your campaign donations. I think we should consider what the politicians are doing and not doing for our returning troops, especially the disabled. Our government has turned its back on a lot of folks who need extra help.

Instead of winning a job he thought was like shooting fish in a barrel, Obama has become one of the fish in the barrel.

This is the second Democrat president in a row who should be impeached. The Republicans are failing us again.

The attitude among the younger people expected to pay for Obamacare is “no thanks, but I guess we’ll pay the fine – if you can find us.”

I do not wish to sit in a theater or anywhere else next to someone carrying a gun. Do I have rights? I cannot even go to the library without wondering who is carrying a concealed weapon. At least carry the guns out where I can see them.

Increasingly, it seems like homeschooling maybe the only way to keep our children safe from gun violence at school.

Let the free market settle the controversy between the Kansas Star Casino operators and the slot gamblers. Either a Wichita Greyhound Park casino or the proposed tribal casino at Park City would settle the differing payout perception between the gamblers and casino operators.

Wichita would be far better served by its leaders if more focus were put on providing help to the homeless freezing to death under our bridges, rather than worrying about lining Phil Ruffin’s pockets with slot-machine revenue.

Tattoos are human equivalents of branding one’s property. If you are wearing a tattoo, who owns you?

I don’t get all the stuff about “tiny” seats at Intrust Bank Arena. I’ve attended every Thunder game there and have never felt cramped, and I’m not a petite guy. Some people just seem to derive joy from complaining about anything, no matter how petty or even unfounded.

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