Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 16)

01/16/2014 12:00 AM

01/15/2014 9:20 PM

If Wichita State played for the national championship, would it be seen on TV in Wichita?

I’m getting in front of the stampede. I have assembled my research team for global cooling. Now all I need are a few federal grants.

I predict the skeletons in Hillary Clinton’s closet will overcome the people’s desire to elect the first female president.

To compare President Obama to Jesus and the pope is absurd. The pope and Jesus represent the Word of God, while Obama learned from a hack preacher. Jesus and the pope ask us to take care of the sick, poor and poor of spirit, while Obama takes from the rich and poor for political favors.

Are you kidding? No criminal charges are expected for the abuses by the IRS in targeting conservative organizations? Disgusting. All Americans are now at risk for such abuses, and remember that the IRS will be enforcing Obamacare.

Robert Gates commented that members of Congress routinely put their own re-election before the national interest. That is the main reason there should be term limits for Congress. We need our representatives to work in our best interest, not theirs.

Catholic institutions, by denying contraceptive insurance for their non-Catholic employees, are imposing Catholic doctrine on their non-Catholic employees. This is bad enough, but the fact that their anti-contraception doctrine is both mistaken and harmful makes the matter even worse.

Every Republican I know is a bully.

I don’t feel like I’ve had one liberty taken away from me at this point. As a woman, though, I do believe if the tea party were in charge, I would have liberties taken away.

In case you still wonder why our governor accepts federal funds for veterans but does not accept them to expand Medicaid, the answer is simple: He’s a hypocrite.

In light of the two recent school shootings in the last month, with the latest allegedly being a 12-year-old shooter, I wonder how those in the camp of “more guns, less regulation” are feeling about how well that concept is working.

I subscribe for two reasons: coupons and comics. And the “comics” reason isn’t as compelling anymore.

Please bring back “Get Fuzzy” (best strip ever), “Hagar the Horrible” and “Mother Goose & Grimm.” I’m no longer chuckling in the morning.

Too many Eagle readers complain about the comics when it is the political cartoons that are the true disgrace.

Just be thankful you get any comics. I am sure The Wichita Eagle would much rather use that space for more WSU basketball stories or anti-abortion protest updates, and I am certain there is never enough space for all of the puerile bickering outbursts at the City Council and County Commission meetings.

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