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January 16, 2014

Opinion Line (Jan. 16)

I wish the health department would report how many people who die of the flu had received a flu vaccination.

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I wish the health department would report how many people who die of the flu had received a flu vaccination.

In church Sunday I saw and heard people who were obviously sick – with deep coughs, blowing their noses into overused handkerchiefs, and then touching books and pews and spreading germs all over the place. Two words: Stay home.

Bullies never admit to being a bully, even when caught in the act. Chris Christie is certainly a bully and has probably been one since kindergarten.

I just figure that Christie should have gone to the lectern, held out his hands and asked, “What difference, at this point, does it make?”

I just cannot believe that an official (or his errand boys and girls) would use his office to get even with political rivals. I’m shocked, shocked. Never mind that President Obama has used the phrase “punish our enemies” before.

Given all the lane closures and traffic jams in Wichita, are we to assume that Gov. Sam Brownback is taking some kind of reprisal on Mayor Carl Brewer?

“Council OKs $9 million for work on city sewer system.” At last – paying for utilities as a general population expense rather than just as a property owner. After all, everyone has to use them, even visitors.

Why should area taxpayers waste $3 million on the Greater Wichita Economic Development Coalition? I thought that we were already going to get a lot of jobs from Africa, China and France, according to the mayor.

In football, a “sack” takes place when the quarterback is tackled behind the line of scrimmage and thrown for a loss. The cars of every Kansas high school and college student should flash a bumper sticker saying, “Sack Gov. Sam Brownback,” for the cruel way he has cut education funds.

I grew up in Wichita and am an alum of WSU. I truly do not care who plays or doesn’t play KU or KSU. I want success for Wichita State.

Instead of waiting for your ship to come in (Jan. 12 Opinion Line), swim out to meet it or move the dock.

My ship came in, but I was at the airport and missed it.

My grandchildren do not acknowledge their birthday presents, but my paper carrier sends me a “thank you” card for his Christmas gift. I know who deserves more next year, and where it will come from.

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