Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 14)

01/14/2014 12:00 AM

01/13/2014 6:01 PM

I don’t blame the union members in Seattle for being upset about losing Boeing pensions. I draw a Boeing pension. I do believe, though, we all must realize the facts of today’s world. Having good-paying jobs is the most important. Saving for retirement is an individual responsibility.

Go ahead and sell Wichita to China. Why not? The Chinese have bought up the East Coast and the West Coast. Go ahead and give them the Midwest so they can work their way out from here. Don’t worry about learning Spanish. We had better be learning Chinese.

When I hear what’s “in” for this year, it makes me laugh. What’s in for me is what I like, not what someone else likes. If mine is outdated, too bad. I am outdated myself.

California has 55 electoral votes. Kansas has six. Populated states already make decisions for the entire country because that’s where the mass of Americans live.

Our constitutional system correctly has each state contribute not its popular but its electoral votes for elective federal office. Each state voting separately is a safeguard against a tide of illegal popular votes from one or two states overwhelming and tipping the whole result. Think of watertight compartments in our ship of state.

The reason we are not in a Great Depression is because we are $17 trillion in debt. Think about that for a while.

This country has stooped to a new low when the Obama administration takes to bullying a small group of nuns for standing on their convictions against parts of Obamacare. What happened to the First Amendment, separation of church and state? Or does that only apply when it benefits Obama?

Be aware. If Medicare coverage meets the Affordable Care Act guidelines, are not the benefits you had sure to be reduced? Watch your wallet.

My wife was paying $374 per month for health insurance that covered almost nothing. She now has health insurance from the ACA. She now pays $53 per month with great coverage. Thank you, ACA.

There is no such thing as same-sex parents. All children have opposite-sex parents, a mother and a father. It’s just a matter of biology.

After 67 years of driving on the streets of Wichita, I’m firmly convinced that Wichita drivers think the posted speed limits are merely suggestions rather than law.

A rise in traffic deaths in Sedgwick County makes me think we need stricter traffic law enforcement. Drivers are not going to slow down, stop running red lights, or be respectful of other drivers and pay attention until the police start enforcing traffic laws.

What is so hard about salting or plowing Rock Road? Every time it snows, Rock becomes an ice rink. It’s one of the busiest roads in Wichita. It only makes sense to clear it.

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