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01/12/2014 12:00 AM

01/10/2014 5:25 PM

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The next time you see someone smile, think of Kansas. People who have moved here or were lucky enough to be raised here know of its beauty and friendliness. Thanks, America, for steering me and my wife to Wichita to live, work, play, worship and raise a great family.

I would like to echo the mayor’s remarks that Wichita has many good citizens who will do the right thing. I also would point out that this includes Hindus and Muslims, and probably people who profess no faith at all. Having a moral compass is not something unique to Christians.

With all the talk about “growing Wichita,” why doesn’t the city look at recruiting an amusement park? There is nothing to attract young families to Wichita for entertainment. Kansas City and Oklahoma City get our entertainment dollars. How about “Six Flags Over the Midwest”?

The belief of the Kansas Chamber of Commerce that business taxes are too high is hardly a banner headline. It will not be happy until it gets rebates from the state based on total sales.

Why is it that Gov. Sam Brownback will accept federal funds to help veterans but will not accept federal funds to expand Medicaid?

I will not vote for any city sales tax until the city budget is critically reviewed by the mayor and council members, and deep cuts are made for items that do not directly affect the citizens.

Make 2014 the year we take back the language. Stop calling socialist Democrats “liberals.” The root of the word means liberty, and Obamacare proves they don’t believe in freedom. These people are Woodrow Wilson-style progressives.

Let’s not take former Defense Secretary Robert Gates too seriously. You can’t blame him for trying to sell his book.

I guess I’ll have to organize this: Intrust Bank Arena preseason tourney with the Shockers, K-State and KU, and throw in maybe Emporia State. Flip a coin to see who plays Emporia State. and go from there. Ticket sales would be great. I’m a genius.

WSU wants to play KU and K-State? Simple: WSU moves to the Big 12. It may even help WSU get football back.

Does country music’s penchant for praising beer and Jesus (usually in that order) in the same song, or even the same phrase, bother anyone but me?

It seems it’s no longer in to have a set of TruckNutz under the 4x4. Now, if we could only get those guys to use turn signals and give up those enormous side-view mirrors that seem designed to snag some poor bicyclist by the neck, we’d be making real progress.

Tattoos on an otherwise pretty girl are like needle blight disease on a Christmas tree.

A lot of people, no matter how old they are, fail to become adults.

I’m still waiting for my ship to come in.

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