Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 13)

01/13/2014 12:00 AM

01/10/2014 5:10 PM

Dennis Rodman is man enough to put down preconceived notions to understand and get to know a person. He is learning about genuine experiences, education and perceptions. Or do we automatically expect everybody to think like an American?

Wouldn’t it be special if Kim Jong Un kept Rodman in North Korea on a permanent basis?

I do not feel safer knowing there are a bunch of paranoid people walking the streets with the legal right to carry a gun.

Interesting article on casinos (Jan. 8 Eagle). The slots are programmed for the house to win and you to lose. It’s as simple as that. Sucker bet if I ever saw one.

The old saying is that you are what you eat. Well, it looks like there are a lot of GMO people in our society today. I can’t think of any other good reason why so many act so insane nowadays on our highways, in our stores, etc.

Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates said that Congress was uncivil, incompetent, egotistical and prone to put self and re-election before country. That explains in very simple terms its 10 percent approval rating.

To all the ignorant people who say a company has the right to fire someone over their religious convictions: Why don’t you read the equal employment opportunity laws?

I’m moving to a pot state. That’s where all the jobs are.

Few people try to get fired just to receive unemployment compensation. But it is amazing how many people miraculously find a job within 30 days before or after their unemployment runs out.

It’s been known for decades that when the government subsidizes something, you get more of it. Therefore, why do we keep extending unemployment benefits?

I discount the claim of “liberal” media’s influence on public opinion until I see people comparing Barack Obama to Jesus Christ on the Opinion page. Are you kidding me? I consider that to be sacrilegious, to say the least, and ignorant at best.

If Obama, his supporters and appointees weren’t so anti-free enterprise and so pro-expanded central government, maybe his U.S. economy wouldn’t be so lousy and the “poor” and “middle class” wouldn’t be so bad off.

There’s a shortage of Velveeta? Must be Obama’s doing. How soon will Rep. Darrell Issa hold hearings to get to the bottom of this?

It’s increasingly clear we need less of the old system of politics and more of we the people, ourselves, directly determining the policies to guide our life-living.

Of course a person can be “pretty” and fat. The problem is the long-term cost to the individual and society in the heart bypass, diabetes drugs and new knees the obese will need. Making fun of a fat person is unacceptable. Accepting that fat is “fine” is not.

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