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01/11/2014 12:00 AM

01/10/2014 5:05 PM

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The lane on Kellogg at Armour has been closed so long I am beginning to think the New Jersey governor’s office had something to do with it.

I’ll be glad when we have an adult in the White House who grew up in America and understands free-market economics.

The Republican Party should welcome the tea party. The tea party is an attitude. These folks want us to abide by the Constitution, to stop taking away our liberties and to live within our budget.

I understand we need to accept the gays, but that doesn’t mean we have to make them saints.

Due to the overwhelming absence of evidence for voter fraud, Kris Kobach’s fervent pursuit of voter-ID laws in our state, and others across the country, can only be attributed to one thing – voter restriction. Remember, if voting restrictions can happen to others, they can happen to you.

Gov. Sam Brownback has $2 million in his war chest. His campaign advertising might finally help him create jobs. More likely, his ad team will use the money to spin new fables about his supposed successes, and no new jobs will be forthcoming.

It seems unjust that the WSU men’s basketball game against Missouri State is not on TV. It appears that WSU is the only highly ranked team not on TV.

KU fans have long accused WSU fans of being jealous of them. Now they are getting a taste of their medicine. So how is it going down?

Is it possible that with the Shockers undefeated, Mike Kennedy is whining even more about the refs?

I guess universal brotherhood and world peace would be OK. But what I really wish for is a TV set that will block out the sound of that moronic, fake, insulting “Tomahawk Chop” wail that fans of teams with American Indian mascots insist on making at games.

Do you think that the NFL executives who decided to have the Super Bowl in East Rutherford, N.J., are getting a little nervous about the weather? I’m no genius, but this was a bad idea.

People who always arrive 20 to 45 minutes late to dinner at the agreed-upon restaurant are the most inconsiderate, boorish, selfish boobs on the planet. Learn how to tell time. While you may think this puts you in a position of power, it actually just makes you loathed by others.

My wife and I want to say “thanks again” for paying our grocery bill at Aldi on South Seneca on Jan. 3. There are nice people in this town. God bless you in 2014.

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