Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 10)

01/10/2014 12:00 AM

01/09/2014 5:27 PM

Looking into the future, Americans are concerned about our security in a dangerous world. Two-thirds of respondents to a Reuters poll said they worry about a terrorist attack. The enemy is encouraged by any sign of American weakness, so we should demonstrate determination and strength.

Our warmer-than-average temperatures have allowed the polar vortex to move south. While this means that we are colder, it also means that the North Pole is warmer, which will further accelerate the melting of the ice caps – exactly as predicted by global warming.

This may be news to the White House, but if the president wants to change his health care law, a little thing called congressional approval is required. Unfortunately, you wouldn’t know that from the president’s string of adaptations, deletions and additions to Obamacare over the past several months.

The remarks made by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates in his new book regarding Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton only confirmed what most of us already knew. Neither has any love or respect for our military.

We constantly hear about Social Security and Medicare running out of money. Anybody ever hear of welfare going broke?

I see a contributor compares Jesus and the pope with Barack Obama. Should I roll on the floor laughing or go find the bottle of drinkable Scotch I’ve got hidden from the wife? I think either would be appropriate.

Someone needs to remind columnist Leonard Pitts that not everything is about race. He needs to get over himself.

The commentary “Four ways to tell if Obamacare is working” (Jan. 6 Opinion) concluded absolutely nothing and was an empty read. Although the slanted stuff that Leonard Pitts writes stirs the racial pot, it always activates the brain. And that’s a good thing.

It is OK for the Jayhawks to lose once in a while. They are young and need time working together down the stretch. However, the continuing rub is that coach Gregg Marshall and the amazing Shockers are putting on a splendid show – again.

WSU fans: Just because you play a bunch of no-name teams and haven’t lost doesn’t make you a great team. Anyone can do that. Try playing some real teams if you want respect. Until then, you aren’t the best team in the state.

If the NFL really wants to reduce concussions, it should keep track of the number of concussions per game of each team. Then the team that causes the most concussions per game should lose its first draft pick.

The political right folks who want the Washington Redskins to change their name should look at the yahoos in Kansas City who call themselves the Chiefs.

It’s amazing how people with handicapped placards who park in handicapped spaces can then walk all around inside Walmart. Handicapped tags should be limited to people in wheelchairs and walkers.

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