Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 9)

01/09/2014 12:00 AM

01/08/2014 5:16 PM

With so many flights canceled by snow, somebody asked, “Whatever happened to taking a train?” But read the news. Trains were delayed and some passengers were stranded on them.

Take the train? If you are going to Lawrence and don’t mind getting a ride to Newton at 3 a.m. to catch it, and being picked up at Newton at a similar hour on your return, go ahead and take the train.

It’s too bad the IRS won’t have enough money left after implementing Obamacare to go after tax cheats.

Why would anyone doubt our government’s ability to manage a massive health care program? I guess they have noticed the waste and ineffectiveness of the billions of dollars spent on programs for Native Americans.

The trouble with allowing marijuana sales is that the taxes that are collected will never be seen or used the way they should be, just like the liquor and casinos. Don’t forget that you are letting the tail wag the dog again.

Yes, absolutely I want to do away with the Electoral College. The majority of the people elected Al Gore. The Electoral College win resulted in two wars, trillions in debt and the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression. The election was certainly not the will of the majority vote.

What convoluted hypocrisy. Catholic institutions and nuns are suing the government over providing contraception. The world knows the vast majority of Catholics use contraception. Yet these parties that ostensibly have no need of contraception keep trying to control the uncontrollable.

It is becoming unbelievably more obvious every day that Congress has more than its proportional share of idiots. Now they are trying to drag Pope Francis into the mess.

The big picture is that Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” and Larry the Cable Guy understand the audience that falls for them. They work the WWE of sham into their shows and cash in on disillusionment.

Misquoting and taking Phil Robertson’s words out of context will soon be an Olympic event.

Why do so many Democrats end their argument with “get over it”? Is that the extent of their intellect?

Wow, I never thought in this age of global warming that the temperature getting up to 32 degrees would feel so good.

Can you imagine how cold it would be without global warming?

There seems to be much misunderstanding of global warming. It is a long-term trend, not a short-term system. Please learn the difference between weather and climate.

Why does everyone believe WSU can be picked up by any large conference it so chooses? Nobody wants a school that lacks a football program. It’s by far the most profitable sport. Money talks.

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