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01/09/2014 12:00 AM

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We made a mistake building a fence on the southern border. We really need an insulated fence on the northern border.

If someone gives me millions of dollars to do a study on global warming and then I tell them what they want to hear, wouldn’t that be fraud?

Boy, if we have any more global warming, I’m going to have to buy more blankets.

The “global warming” initiative of the United Nations and so many American politicians flies in the face of sunspot activity showing global cooling. “Global warming” advocates are all about “get the money” and “get control.” Do not be fooled.

We don’t have to be clods because we live in Kansas. Global warming/climate change is about weather of extremes, not hot or cold winters. Be educated at least.

I consider the duty my co-workers and I share of clearing snow and ice from the city’s roadways very honorable. But spending time away from my family when my city co-workers and I are not performing this duty is inconvenient and difficult, and an unnecessary drain on taxpayers’ dollars.

Since USD 259 is following district policy that weather is not a valid excuse for a student’s absence, next time I will call in my child as sick. I would like superintendent John Allison and spokeswoman Susan Arensman to have to wait outside for a bus in such extremely cold weather.

Why must the population be deafened by the “testing” of tornado sirens in the winter?

The Democrats call this a stupendous economy and yet call for an emergency extension of unemployment benefits. It seems as though even they don’t believe their own rhetoric.

Coldhearted, uncaring conservatives postulate that people receiving unemployment payments don’t want to find a job. If you buy that bunch of bull, why aren’t more people trying to get fired?

A local news talking head said, “Good news out of Washington. Senate passes three-month unemployment extension.” Huh? Someone has been looking for work for 99 weeks, and three more months will magically provide him with a job?

The Republicans say the unemployment extension should be paid for. They should say the extension should be paid for by closing tax loopholes and benefits for corporations and doing away with subsidies for oil companies.

If you want a job, join the military.

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