Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 8)

01/08/2014 12:00 AM

01/07/2014 5:11 PM

Note to Andy Reid: It’s difficult to soar with eagles when you play like a turkey. Hopefully, during the off season the Chiefs will concentrate on how to play a full game.

The NFL sells millions of dollars of commercial time each year. But it has rejected an ad from a firearms company. The ad depicts a veteran defending his family. Maybe it’s time to boycott the Super Bowl to protest the league’s hypocritical double standards.

Who is 74 years old and has not come close to a national championship in college football? Is it Kansas State’s Bill Snyder?

So KU won’t play the Shockers because “there’s nothing to gain”? What did KU gain from playing San Diego State? Obviously, a loss. Scheduling hypocrisy? You decide.

WSU basketball fans remain No. 1 for their booing the referees on each and every call against WSU. The team does not deserve a higher ranking until it plays a real opponent.

Why is Kansas always 20 years behind Colorado?

Anyone going to Colorado just to buy pot has a big problem.

The war isn’t on Christmas. It’s on Christ and Christians.

Any year with Barack Obama as president is a bad year. 2014 won’t be any different.

As much as liberals despise Vladimir Putin’s anti-gay policies, ironically, they share much of his totalitarian impulses.

I always laugh when I hear Republicans complain about the Electoral College. Without the Electoral College, we would have had eight years of President Gore instead of President Bush. Gore won the popular vote. Bush won the Electoral College.

I usually won’t delve into politics, because most of us don’t even know who our representative or senators are. I would like the comments bashing Obama to cease unless the writers also bash Congress along with him. It is all of government that is faltering on progress, not just one man.

Does anyone else notice that the bigots who comment on the Opinion page and continue to bring up race always seem to be Democrats? You know, the thought police.

My dislike of President Obama and his policies are not racially based. Period.

I think the whole affair with “Duck Dynasty” was intentionally done to stir up free advertising,

When private-sector UPS and FedEx dropped the ball, who was there to bail them and the American people out? The good old U.S. Postal Service and the public-sector federal government. Just like always. You don’t professionalize until you federalize. Period.

I was a ski patroller in Alaska, and we opened the slopes when it warmed up to minus-20 on the thermometer. The weather in Kansas is not that cold.

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