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01/08/2014 12:00 AM

01/07/2014 5:10 PM

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Part of what makes Wichita special: A neighbor owns a Bobcat, and it is remarkable how many driveways are magically cleared on our block after snowstorms.

The mindset of our school administrators must be that if the Statue of Liberty tax people and the oil-change placard guys can stand outside in the bitter cold, then so can our students waiting for buses or walking home.

I hope the government acts soon. We can’t stand much more of this global warming.

Everyone making comments about global warming should first be required to learn the difference between climate and weather.

WSU needs to run a shuttle bus from Hughes Metropolitan Complex to Koch Arena for WSU basketball games. We are senior citizens and recently had to walk from Corbin Education Center in the bitter cold. This is unacceptable. We would gladly pay a fee.

I understand it now: It benefits KU more to lose at home to San Diego State than to play Wichita State.

Maybe the Kansas City Chiefs should attend a WSU basketball camp and learn to play angry. They also could learn that the winning score is not determined by who is ahead at halftime.

Now that recreational marijuana is legal in Colorado, Kansans can only hope economic jealousy will move our state in the same commonsense direction. Until then could we please have one of those rare steady breezes out of the west?

I’d like to read an Eagle article about the rights of tourists returning from Colorado after a pot-smoking vacation. We know we’re not allowed to bring any back with us, but what about drug-testing results? Can we be punished here for something we did legally there?

For the more than 60 years my dad was married, he never took off his wedding ring. Yet while he was incapacitated in an ICU, someone brazenly stole it off his finger. There is no accounting for the actions of some people. My heart goes out to the Zimmerman family.

In every other city I’ve been in, taxis line up around the bars. But after 30 minutes of trying to do the right thing on New Year’s Eve in Old Town, I drove home. I made it safely, but the Wichita police and the taxi services deserve none of the credit.

Steven Seagal might run for Arizona governor? Wow. What a great idea. How about Kirstie Alley for mayor of Wichita?

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