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01/07/2014 12:00 AM

01/06/2014 5:27 PM

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One of the selling points of Obamacare was that when the uninsured had coverage they would stop using the expensive emergency rooms. That has proved to be false. It has actually increased substantially. Another day, another theory of the best and brightest down in flames.

I laughed when one of my nice but dim-witted employees opined that Barack Obama was God. Well, Obama said one of his goals was to reverse climate change. And, gee, it is really, really cold out there.

Hey, Kris Kobach, I’ve got a deal for you. We Democrats will stop opposing your voter-ID laws if you’ll require the same citizenship proofs for anyone wanting to buy a gun. Fair is fair.

I am neither a fan of organized religion nor the politics of the Catholic church, but Pope Francis has inspired me with some hope for both.

Colorado had better set up a fund from the pot sales for special education, to help educate these kids whose brains were damaged from their parents’ smoking. The state may even need to build orphanages for the kids whose parents are too stoned to raise them.

If God didn’t want me to be gay, he wouldn’t have made my sexual orientation gay. To call it sinful is saying that God was wrong, made a mistake, and doesn’t know what He’s doing when He makes people. That sounds more sinful to me than being gay.

There are “too many ‘help-wanted’ signs” to justify extending unemployment benefits? Really? I am an unemployed, educated, experienced professional in health care who happens to be over 50, and I can’t get a job in this town.

For those who’ve been stranded at airports: Whatever happened to taking a train?

If anyone wants to run against the current USD 262 school board members in the next election, you can line up your signs in my yard.

I want to thank the insurance salesman who helped set me up with prescription insurance for the help and the thorough information. Though he was taking my money, he first of all wanted to get me what I needed, and only what I needed.

If all of these “reality shows” are an example of reality, I’m glad I live in my own little fantasy world.

For 2014 I resolve to try to be more humble, which is hard for me since I’m practically exploding with awesome.

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