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01/05/2014 12:00 AM

01/03/2014 6:14 PM

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Legal marijuana sales will generate $70 million for Colorado in 2014. Think what $70 million would do for Kansas roads and schools. Kansas is broke while our neighbor to the west will be rolling in money. It’s pretty sad.

Colorado has become a lot like Washington, D.C., in that as of Jan. 1, the dopes have taken over.

Maybe once the hicks in Kansas die and the rednecks chill, then maybe marijuana can be legal here, too.

The only people who should be funding all-day kindergarten are parents of kindergartners. Pay for your own.

Funding for all-day kindergarten? Delay in KanCare for the developmentally disabled? Makes one wonder if Gov. Sam Brownback is a bit worried about his re-election.

I’m so tired of hearing people blame the government or this country for their poverty. This country has done everything possible to allow for people to better themselves and take care of themselves, as well as help them out when they can’t or won’t.

“Quality of teaching is unparalleled” (Dec. 22 Letters to the Editor) was excellent. God bless the teachers who continue to teach, especially those in Title I schools. And you cannot make suggestions to change education until you have walked a mile in their shoes.

Just as we feel we are slowly crawling out of our economic holes, the new Obama taxes kick us back into the hole.

Any job worth doing for which an employee gives an honest week’s work deserves adequate compensation to enable the employee to feed and house himself and lead a decent life. Otherwise, the employer’s business model is flawed.

Why do companies think it’s OK to stop giving decent raises and Christmas bonuses, but think it’s perfectly fine to ask their employees for donations only to help the reputation of the company?

Before listening to poor advice and divorcing your spouse, make every effort possible to reconcile. Things may seem better in the short term, but all the hurt involved in a divorce will last a lifetime, and not just for you but for your whole family.

Wind farms are a blight on the landscape and have not proved to be cost-efficient.

If you cannot bring your pets in during these cold days, be sure to provide as much warmth as you can for them in their doghouse or shelter. If they don’t have a shelter, please provide one. Do not let them freeze. They are precious.

I just love bowl games – one continuous commercial, with short breaks for football.

I think I pulled a muscle watching “Johnny Football” engineer a great Texas A&M comeback over Duke. He is simply incredible.

I find it hard to believe that WSU is ranked No. 8 in the nation and has games that are not televised. I guess some still think we’re a “mid-major.” Maybe WSU should get a contract with some network.

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