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January 4, 2014

Opinion Line (Jan. 4)

The Electoral College is one of the greatest protections American voters have.

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The Electoral College is one of the greatest protections American voters have.

I’ve got no problem with anyone voting, as long as they are citizens, and they only vote once in an election, and only at one location.

It seems like the “no-call” list has become the “do-call” list.

Let’s be honest – much of the Obama bashing that appears in Opinion Line is racially based. It is not an accurate evaluation of the quality and character of our president.

Obama’s legacy – a glib tongue with no substance behind it. He doesn’t seem to realize the position is a job and requires some work.

My employer just told me I must stay part time (without benefits). I’ve lost my cardiologist. I’ve lost my medical equipment supplier. The diagnostic test to monitor my heart will now be done every other year, not annually. I can hardly wait to get the remaining benefits of Obamacare.

Apparently the “voters” in New York City have a penchant for electing socialists as mayor.

If heaven were a PAC with God as its founder, which political party do suppose it would support? The one that tenaciously professes Christianity but whose thoughts, words and actions are counter to the teachings, or the one that demonstrates Christianity with thoughts, words and actions?

I’m glad Fox News is finally done with the so-called war on Christmas that it trots out every December. Now it can get back to what really matters to it and Republicans, the war on Labor Day.

The media, including The Eagle, should quit calling terrorists bent on murdering people with explosives “suicide bombers.” Unless they blow only themselves up, they’re murderers and homicide bombers. This applies to the local accused attempted homicide bomber. He should be charged with multiple counts of attempted murder.

Columnist Cal Thomas seemed to be whining about being informed by his accountant that he would have to pay a couple of percent more tax on his income of more than $200,000 (Jan. 1 Opinion). There are a lot of folks who wish they had that problem.

In response to “Hire Kraemer” (Dec. 25 Letters to the Editor): Getting rid of any one of KAKE’s personnel would be like getting rid of Walter Cronkite, Peter Jennings or Diane Sawyer. KAKE’s current staff is experienced and trustworthy, and the reason I watch its newscasts.

Thank you to the lady police person who paid for my lunch at Village Inn. You made the day for an old guy. I will pass it on.

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