Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 6)

01/06/2014 12:00 AM

01/03/2014 5:44 PM

Have you noticed how much TV advertising Westar Energy does to tell us it is pruning trees to improve and maintain our service? I, for one, would appreciate it if Westar took those thousands of dollars spent to tell us something we really didn’t want to know and lowered our electric rates.

Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” says he doesn’t want any of his grandkids to grow up to be nerds. After watching some of the shows, I’m certain he has absolutely nothing to worry about on that score.

Be careful what you wish for. Doing away with the Electoral College would mean that highly populated areas like New York and California would make the decisions for the whole country. Is that really what you want?

I am amazed at the cleverness of some people writing in to Opinion Line, but turned off by the people who write hateful things about Obama or whatever they want to bash. All they are doing is defining what they are considering a problem, and offering no solution.

Actually, God did not “write the book.” It was written by man, and it was written as man’s interpretation of God’s word. Ever play the childhood game where something is whispered to one person, then passed along to the next and so on? The last version seldom resembles the first. Get the picture?

To the person visiting family over the holidays and trying to belittle us about climate change: Yes, we believe in it. We call it winter, summer, fall and spring. Have your family discuss Santa with you.

Enough already – would someone please show up and finish the installation of the single traffic sign on East Kellogg? It has been more than two months and it’s still not done. Efficient traffic flow is not a priority in Wichita.

I visited a developmentally disabled friend who gets $550 SSI and who has brittle diabetes. Her needed food stamps were cut to $53 per month. Living in Brownbackistan.

Well, we’ve just completed five years of the mainstream news media giving unwavering support to the radical left.

Just because you’re sucking on an electronic cigarette, what part of “no smoking in a public place” is it that you think doesn’t apply to you?

I’d make a poor man’s wager that if a poll were taken, the majority of Americans were less than impressed with the rendition of the national anthem at the 2014 Rose Bowl.

To all the fireworks people on New Year’s Eve: Thanks for waking me up and getting my animals upset. There are fireworks on the local channels in the privacy of your own home. Be considerate and watch them. Where’s law enforcement?

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