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January 3, 2014

Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 3)

I will not be watching A&E anymore since it reversed the decision on “Duck Dynasty.” Can you say “bought out”?

I will not be watching A&E anymore since it reversed the decision on “Duck Dynasty.” Can you say “bought out”?

If Phil Robertson were asked under oath how many times he referred to a black man with the N-word, as Paula Deen was, would he have the integrity to tell the truth, as she did? I guess one can be prejudiced as long as you have the “Christian” label.

What’s the harm in saying “Happy Holidays”? It’s another human wishing you well. Maybe the person is unsure of your religious beliefs and doesn’t want to offend you. We could require all Christians wear a cross on their clothing so we can identify those who won’t be offended by “Merry Christmas.”

Right-to-life organizations are putting all the blame on women for having abortions. It takes two to tango. A proactive approach would be to perform a vasectomy on the males when they reach puberty, then reverse it when they get married. Sell that to the ultraconservative state legislators and governor.

Obamacare got the bulk of the nation’s attention in 2013, but another government scheme is coming. Common Core is a plan to control our children’s schools. It will inevitably lead to centrally designed curriculum. Bureaucrats will say, in effect, “If you like your local curriculum, you can keep it. Period.”

Isn’t President Obama still officially supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt? The Egyptian government just outlawed the Brotherhood as a terrorist organization as large consequence to the Brotherhood having destroyed Egypt’s tourism economy. It appears that Obama has not only been party to initially crashing Las Vegas tourism but also Egyptian tourism.

Everyone is blaming Obama for everything. That is ridiculous. There are people trying to help the rich and help the needy. There are members of Congress who fight over everything. That is why nothing gets done. Did we elect them to fight or work out a compromise?

Americans need to seriously reconsider where they put their faith and trust when spouting anti-federal government sentiment. I trust an entity that only cares for the common good far more than a private sector that lusts for every dime it can steal from me.

The wind tax credit is not a market-based incentive, but a market-distorting one. The wind is free, yet wind-generated power is very expensive. Natural-gas plants produce cheaper power and more permanent jobs than wind farms.

If one of the Minnesota developers thinks his Wichita experience was a nightmare, he should try living here.

It is official: Wichita is a cow town with a cow-town arena – not. I went to the sold-out Elton John and Billy Joel concert.

Living in an apartment, I have found that you have no rights if a chain smoker living below you infiltrates your living space with smoke.

Last I heard we still live in Wichita, not Manhattan, Kan. Renaming a street after the Wildcats? Give me a break.

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