Opinion Line Extra (Jan. 2)

01/02/2014 12:00 AM

12/31/2013 5:16 PM

FedEx and UPS to their customers: If you want your packages delivered before Christmas, they will be delivered before Christmas. Period.

If Obamacare is so great, why the need for the hard sell? Does President Obama really believe the American people do not recognize socialism when they see it? We will not be sold on this total disruption of the best health care system in the entire world.

As oppressive and ruthless as Russian security forces are, they have shown that you still cannot protect all citizens from an evil and determined suicide bomber. I predict the retribution will be swift and very violent.

Beyonce has shown her true self again. She is an amoral lowlife for having included audio from the Challenger disaster in a song and somehow calling it music and a “tribute.” She needs to disappear from civilized society in shame.

How ironic. I am a middle-aged white American male. I bet you never thought you would hear me say, “The man is keeping me down.”

Natalie Maines was exercising hate speech. Phil Robertson was exercising truth speech. She had anger and hatred in her words. He did not.

I saw a commercial advertising the online dating site blackpeoplemeet.com. Do you know what kind of outrage there would be if we had a whitepeoplemeet.com dating site? If it’s acceptable for one race, then it should be acceptable for all races. Talk about racist.

If you’re building a bridge, do you have to cross it?

Who knew Robin Roberts is gay? At this point who cares? Let’s move forward in 2014 and publish real news.

NBC has ruined Sunday night football – commercials after kickoff, after a time out, after a change of possession, after a player injury, after a score. Then throw in about 10 more commercials between quarters and about 30 for halftime, and the commercials end up being longer than the game.

To the Wichita Police Department: A person gets his vehicle broken into and stuff stolen, and you don’t even come out to fill out a report? Your motto should be, “To Ignore and Neglect.” Shame on you.

If it takes three months to install a simple sign on East Kellogg, does that give drivers an idea of the amount of time that the Kellogg and Webb road construction will take?

Newcomers to Wichita are quick to learn how local drivers individualize their driving styles. It appears as if obeying traffic laws is optional depending upon where, how, when and what drivers want to do. In a short period of time, you will see things that are unbelievable.

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