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01/02/2014 12:00 AM

12/31/2013 5:15 PM

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Best joke of 2013: Boatload of folks proving “global warming” stuck in 10-feet-thick ice that an icebreaker ship cannot even break through.

The rich and their power-hungry cronies in D.C. bend the rules to get all they can, as do the poor and their power-hungry cronies. Do you think it is possible for the timid, the naive and the honest people in the middle to stand up and change things?

If President Obama had spent as much time on jobs in 2013 as he spent on golf, we’d all be better for it.

We were told we needed Obamacare because there are 47 million people without health insurance. Now 1.1 million have signed up. Did the other 46 million leave the country?

Thank you, Obamacare. I’m 62, collecting my Social Security and will finally get health care for $15.50 a month.

The president saying you could keep your insurance if you liked it and Boeing promising it would make Wichita the tanker finishing center were two of the biggest lies of the century. No wonder there is so little trust in the world, with such examples from government and business.

We have discovered that an elderly, uneducated redneck from the rural South is a bigot. This equals the surprise I felt this morning when I discovered the sun rising in the east.

The uninformed, mostly Democrats, continue to misunderstand the Constitution’s First Amendment. It protects you and your speech from governmental reprisal only, and not from retaliation by your employer or anyone else.

Since the state is going broke, here is a novel idea. Let’s spend a million dollars to ferret out a few drug users and thereby save a few thousand dollars. Makes sense to me, especially since it works so well in Missouri.

Mike Shanahan has been fired as the head coach of the Washington Redskins. Finally someone in D.C. is being held accountable.

Is anyone else getting tired of the dousing of the coach at the end of a big game? It was not appropriate in the case of 74-year-old Bill Snyder. A little creativity, such as a tub full of confetti, would have been much better.

We won’t know how good the Shockers are until they play some real competition. I don’t see them getting a seeding any higher than maybe a fourth or fifth in the NCAA Tournament because of their strength of schedule.

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