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December 31, 2013

Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 31)

A huge court victory for the National Security Agency is an equally huge loss for our constitutional rights.

A huge court victory for the National Security Agency is an equally huge loss for our constitutional rights.

The pope’s capitalism comments were shocking since the Catholic Church is a big practitioner of capitalism as maybe the largest landlord in the world, competing unfairly, some would say, as a tax-free entity.

The news services were quick to jump on Justin Kraemer being fired for an open-mike utterance, but very slow to respond to Vice President Joe Biden using the same word over networks when Obamacare was passed.

Appoint Chelsea Clinton to be ambassador to Libya. What difference does it make?

Surprisingly, we have elected a president who sees himself as above the law. He is our chief enforcement officer. However, he flaunts his power to pick and choose those laws, such as immigration laws, he can ignore. It’s a slippery slope when our president demonstrates he’s above the law.

A president’s legacy should be judged by the compassion he has shown and the people he has helped. Now that the Affordable Care Act website is running like a top, President Obama has cemented his legacy as the greatest president in modern history.

It is amazing how similar Kris Kobach and the tea party are to the 1948 Dixiecrat Party. Kobach is advocating a segregated voting plan in Kansas. The Dixiecrats were afraid of the federal government and black voters. The tea party is afraid of the federal government and Hispanic voters.

Are you kidding me? I have to pass a drug screening to keep my job and pay taxes to give to welfare recipients who don’t want to take the drug test to get their free money, because their “rights” might be infringed upon? Amazing.

The “Duck Dynasty” Robertsons should be praised for their example of high moral standards on TV. This is a rare find on a secular network today. Their show is, however, just the rags-to-riches Clampetts of the 1960s, reincarnated for an even more dumbed-down 21st-century audience.

It’s not the fault of UPS that the weather turned to ice and snow and it couldn’t deliver all its packages. If you are so upset that your gifts didn’t arrive at Christmas, you should have mailed them earlier.

I buy tickets and rent cars all the time with green money or a check. The banks can cut off your plastic card anytime they want. The bankers want to get the green money out of your pockets so they can have full control over your money and cut if off at anytime.

If WSU and KU were to play and Wichita State were to win, this would just further prove that any team can beat anyone on a given day. WSU proved this theory in the NCAA tourney.

One of my New Year’s resolutions will be to stop watching TV news programs. They spend more time on commercials and self-promotion than on the news stories.

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