Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 30)

12/30/2013 12:00 AM

12/27/2013 5:45 PM

Suppose you were an interracial married couple with children who sat down in a restaurant, and the server said he would not wait on you because his religion didn’t believe in “mixing the races.” Would you support this type of “religious freedom” and free speech, or would you demand his firing?

The Kansas Board of Regents passes a rule stifling state employee free speech. Where’s the outrage for this, as there is for Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty”?

Sarah Palin is not tolerant of those who aren’t tolerant of Phil Robertson’s intolerance of gays. Hello, America.

Do some people who tweet check their brains at the door? Before you hit “send,” your last question should be, “Could this be career-ending?” If so, stop.

Why vilify and fire Justin Kraemer for saying something inappropriate while he was supposed to be off the air? What actions have been taken against the technician who is supposed to kill the audio feed when the news program is done?

Based on the article about City Manager Robert Layton and his luncheon with the Pachyderm Club (Dec. 21 Local & State), it may want to rename itself the “Woolly Mammoth Club” given its members’ regressive views of Wichita’s future.

Paying your taxes isn’t a charitable contribution.

Our president and Congress plan to cut military retirement pay. While this is happening, our president is on vacation to Hawaii. Why don’t the president and Congress take pay cuts? Our military is keeping us free. What has our president done for us as a country?

Obama couldn’t get a website up and running in three years. Yet he thinks the insurance companies, which he has spent five years vilifying, can change policies and computers in three days to save his bacon. Does this mean he knows the insurance companies and free market are more efficient than the government?

Good for Maize High School for its cursing fines. I’m sick of hearing kids – and adults, for that matter – swearing as if they are on TV. But in reality, what do we expect? Just listen to some of the garbage on TV.

I’m so glad all of that money was spent on the electronic signs placed alongside the main roads. Otherwise, 50 percent of the drivers would not have known recently that “Roadways may be icy. Slow down.” The signs should have read, “Turn on headlights and clean ice and snow from windows.”

Not every purchase this time of year is a Christmas gift. And if someone wishing you a “happy” anything offends you, then you have serious issues.

The endless appeals for the Carr brothers serve only one purpose – to keep the attorneys employed.

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