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12/30/2013 12:00 AM

12/27/2013 5:43 PM

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The new Kansas Board of Regents policy prohibiting university faculty from making any statement “contrary to the best interests of the university” or that “impairs discipline by superiors or harmony among co-workers” is a blatant violation of the First Amendment and invites a federal lawsuit.

The regents’ new social-media policy, “Duck Dynasty” and Justin Kraemer all point to the same thing: If you earn a paycheck, you can forget about total freedom to express an opinion. That is a luxury reserved only for the independently wealthy.

Do you suppose there’s a connection between the absurd legal process that is exemplified by the Carr brothers’ 11-year-long legal battle and the multimillion-dollar budget shortfall being faced by the Kansas judiciary?

The health insurance companies are finally figuring out that when you dance with the devil, the devil will sooner or later pitchfork you.

Republicans talk about people being lazy and taking government subsidies, but they are against unions and a living wage. “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps,” they say. Then they work to make sure you stay barefoot.

All people receiving government checks (elected, employed or on entitlements) should be drug-tested and treated the same. Privacy for one should be privacy for all.

This country is morally sick. It isn’t the guns. It is the terrible movies, Internet games, etc., and absent parents.

Taxation to support the legitimate functions of government is one thing. Taxation for wealth redistribution is simply theft.

Now the “Minnesota guys” are accused of violating Kansas securities law. Just how many tax dollars have we given them to try to save our downtown – tax dollars thrown down the drain? This hasn’t worked, so let’s bring in China.

During the Cold War, the U.S. and other countries worried about Russia. We should have been watching China instead. Read James Michener’s “Hawaii” and think long and hard about how the Chinese gained their foothold in what became our 50th state. Do we really want them investing in Wichita?

God bless Sedgwick County Park for the heated restrooms. Now, about that footbridge at the north end of the park: It is way too narrow. Please rebuild it to match the width of the path.

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