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12/28/2013 12:00 AM

12/27/2013 5:39 PM

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One of the year’s best front-page headlines appeared in the Dec. 24 Eagle: “113th Congress on pace to be least productive in history.” That’s great news – more freedom, and fewer pages and pages of new rules and restrictions on U.S. citizens.

We need to give President Obama a bright, shiny, sparkly bouncy ball and tell him it’s an economy, and maybe he’ll go play with it in the corner for the next three years.

By constantly making slight extensions of the draconian penalties imposed by Obamacare, Obama is attempting to effect the Stockholm syndrome upon the people of the United States.

To all the young “invincibles“ who don’t have health care and think that college tuition is a burden: Try spending two weeks in a hospital intensive care unit.

Pope Francis is the first world leader to realize that when it comes to religious wars, the only moderates are atheists.

The two greatest oxymorons of all time: “military intelligence” and “biblical truth.”

I think the education system is working very well. It picks up the students in the morning, gives them two meals and clothing, keeps them a little after school, and then sends home food for the weekend. What more could a mother or father want?

Perhaps the city of Derby needs to pass another half-cent sales tax so the street department can learn how to deal with snow and ice removal. Its recent performance was a total disgrace.

Does anyone really trust an organization or lawyer that has to advertise every 15 minutes on daytime television?

On a replay of a college football bowl game from 1973, I saw a player lying motionless on the field. When he finally was helped to his feet one of the TV announcers said, “Looks like nothing serious. He was just knocked out.” Oh, the bliss of ignorance.

Bowl games should not be held for teams with five losses. Who cares?

News flash: If you order your gifts online after Dec. 21, you should not expect to have them under your tree on Christmas morning.

To the special lady at Dillons (31st Street South and Seneca) who paid for my groceries on Dec. 18: Your generous thoughtfulness allowed my husband and me to contribute to Christmas dinner for our family members, many of whom are struggling economically. We are all grateful.

How refreshing to read the Opinion Line on Christmas Day – all positive and caring statements. Can’t it be that way all the time? If so, it would be a much better world.

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