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12/27/2013 12:00 AM

12/26/2013 5:58 PM

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We had another hurricane season that scientists wrongly predicted to be very active and damaging. These same people say they can predict climate change 50 and even 100 years out.

Parts of Vietnam that have rarely seen snowfall have received snow recently. A temperature of minus-135 degrees was measured in Antarctica. Will global warming never end?

Mandating cursive is wrong. Research shows the fastest, clearest writers don’t join all letters, just the most easily joined ones, and print those letters that look different in cursive. This, not cursive, needs teaching if we want handwriting to work for every student.

I have a desktop, laptop, iPad and cellphone, but I still use cursive. Most important, I can read cursive.

I have noticed an increase in graffiti in several neighborhoods and downtown. I think there should be a graffiti tax to help the city fight this ugly menace. There are so many negatives about graffiti, and the entire city is hurt when it is not wiped clean.

Our nutty Kansas Legislature and governor need to mandate all schools teach a class on “defensive shooting.” Then the Kansas State High School Activities Association could make it another competition among schools.

Does nobody else remember Dan White? Huey Long? Harvey Milk? I do, and I worry about even well-intentioned folks armed in our state Capitol and local government buildings.

It only takes a second for someone who wishes to do people harm to pull the trigger. I spend at least 20 hours a month shooting and training with my firearm. I feel much more comfortable having the right to protect myself than waiting for the police to show up.

Justin Kraemer deserved to be fired. You would expect that from a foul-mouthed teenager, not from a “professional.” Why do so many people, young and older, use the F-word like it should be a part of everyday language?

Bravo, Wichita Eagle. The front page of the Christmas edition added such beauty to the peaceful, joyous feeling of the day. May everyone have a blessed new year.

Derby needs a Chick-fil-A. It should go where Charlie’s Chicken was.

To all the old-timers who sat in their chairs politely clapping at the Beach Boys concert: Maybe you should have stayed home and watched Lawrence Welk instead.

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