Opinion Line Extra (Dec. 25)

12/25/2013 12:00 AM

12/24/2013 3:41 PM

I think it’s awful that Justin Kraemer lost his job on KSN and now in Colorado Springs. Of all the terrible things going on in the world and all the garbage we have to put up with on TV, this one word causes someone to lose his job?

Unfortunately, when you make yourself a public figure by agreeing to be on reality TV, you can no longer be free to express your personal opinions without consequences. So long to the Robertsons and “Duck Dynasty.” What a ride, although short-lived.

It is interesting that the socialists like Obama and his Hollywood friends make all of us listen to their opinions, but when someone like Phil Robertson has an opinion that they don’t agree with he is taken off of the air.

Saying that “if you survived Bush, we can survive Obama” would be like saying “if you survived pneumonia, we could survive bubonic plague.”

Obamacare is taking from the private sector one-sixth of the economy and turning it over to Washington bureaucrats. Likewise, cap-and-trade is a government power grab of the energy industry. However, American ingenuity is fighting back. Shale is booming. The president’s efforts are being exposed as dangerous.

The Affordable Care Act may have been designed to effect change, but not the change we would all hope for. There is nothing in Obamacare that will improve outcomes or decrease costs. We were sold a bill of goods.

Rep. Tim Huelskamp, having nothing to offer or to do as a congressman, has ample opportunity to spew his inanity into local newspapers and over the television landscape. Is that what the voters of the “Big First” elected him and pay him for?

If my 8-year-old son has to present a birth certificate and photo to play soccer, then why in the world would we not require people to show valid citizenship papers to vote?

Frankly, I haven’t seen many (if any) paintings of Jesus with blond hair and blue eyes. All the great artwork I know shows him as dark-haired man with dark eyes and a Mediterranean nose. However, if he can be portrayed as black or Asian, why not as a blond European?

For those who didn’t know: X has been used as an abbreviation for Christ as long as Christianity has been around. So if you are offended by its use in “Xmas,” please don’t be. If you are trying to offend others by using it, your ignorance shows.

“Politics is noble,” Pope Francis said, citing Paul VI. “It is one of the highest forms of charity. We dirty it when we use it for business.” It seems like some have it backward in the U.S. Congress these days.

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