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12/24/2013 12:00 AM

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Textron is the parent company of Cessna Aircraft. So if the buyout of Beechcraft by Textron goes through, you might say that Clyde Cessna and Walter Beech are back together, as they were in the beginning. This would be a good move.

Mr. CEO and stockholders: Your employees hope you have a lovely Christmas Day with your family. We’ll keep your restaurant open under threat of dismissal. You made it clear long ago that we’re just pawns in your quest for money, power and prestige. Most customers will understand this is wrong.

Here is an idea for all you credit junkies: If you use the green stuff called money, you don’t have to worry about somebody hacking your plastic.

Why don’t Wichita retailers realize that customer numbers increase during the lunch hour? It is so frustrating to see floor managers walking around looking busy as customers stand in long lines because few registers are open. This is a year-round problem.

Santa is not white but George Zimmerman is. Get it now?

Thanks to one and all for your Christmas cards. Next year please leave the glitter ones at the store. They may be cute, but they are very messy. I’m still cleaning up.

Those who say “that’s what Christmas is all about” most often have no idea what Christmas is all about.

I miss the days when I could say “Happy Holidays,” meaning “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,” and not have to worry about someone going off about it being anti-Christian.

There is nothing wrong with saying “Merry Christmas.” Christmas is the celebration of the birth of the greatest man ever to walk the face of the Earth.

As part of the estimated 76 percent of the Christian population, I am highly offended by the people who are trying to take Christ out of Christmas by using the lame excuse that the name of Christ might offend someone.

I am an agnostic Jew and take no offense whatsoever when anyone wishes me a merry Christmas. I sometimes say the same when I think the person will appreciate it. A genuine wish of good will is always well-received.

The “war on Christmas” is a myth, but there is a war on love, compassion, kindness, respect and forgiveness that is tragically real.

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