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12/14/2013 12:00 AM

12/13/2013 5:24 PM

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Congress has reached an agreement on a budget, and the citizen and taxpayer once again come out on the short end. Throw the bums out.

Obama and his failed Obamacare have gotten to be so annoying now. It’s like used-car salesmen resorting to lame commercials and social media to try to sell a product no one wants.

When are the Latinos in this country going to realize Obama no longer needs them?

If they took away the ability to buy junk food with food stamps, the cuts would hardly be noticeable.

Let’s get that sign-language interpreter in South Africa over here and give him a job in Washington. He may be a phony, but he made more sense than what is coming out of the White House now.

Please tell me why the GOP cuts programs for the needy during the holidays but then complains about a “war on Christmas.”

Some people are offended by the phrase “Merry Christmas.” Christmas was started to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. So if Christmas offends them, why do they celebrate?

Christ was never in Christmas. It is a pagan celebration pasted over with a Christian label to please the masses and get converts.

Men: If you have to buy a diamond for your wife for Christmas, you married the wrong woman.

Students are suspended for pointing a finger at another student or wearing a T-shirt with a gun on it – and then we try to explain to children why adults have the freedom to carry a real weapon in the public library or community center.

Those pushing to carry concealed guns into our libraries probably haven’t been there lately. And the fact that they haven’t been in a building full of books might explain everything.

I agree with the person who dislikes our national anthem being sung with “personal flair.” At a recent Marion High School basketball game, the Marion Elementary schoolchildren sang it beautifully, exactly as written. Thanks to the music teacher who taught them to sing it properly.

It’s easier to understand the wild weather the world is experiencing if we call it by the right name: It’s global climate change, not global warming. Let’s try not to sound ignorant.

Chintzy plastic boxes do not doghouses make.

To the person who works at Martens Companies who found my coin purse and money: I wish to extend my thanks for mailing it to me. Wishing you extra blessings.

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