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I thought only the tea partiers were racist. President Obama ordered the flags flown at half-staff for Nelson Mandela but not for Margaret Thatcher.

Nelson Mandela, a great man who truly deserved the Nobel Peace Prize he was given, now truly deserves our flying our flags at half-mast for him. How many of us could forgive and promote reconciliation after 27 years behind bars, as he did?

Funny how time makes one forget. Mandela was a communist. But I suppose anything looked good in that messed-up country.

We should all volunteer to spend one year in a foreign political prison to get a hint of what Mandela endured.

Those who stay on welfare more than six months are stealing from the truly disabled, those who truly need assistance and care.

If Wichita got the bid for the 777X, would there be enough young workers? It sure seems like for every three hired at Spirit AeroSystems, two do not want to work, if they even show up for work.

We do not have enough hangar space to build any airplanes in Wichita. Spirit, which is really Boeing owned by a Canadian company, has the west-side hangars all filled up. And Boeing disposed of all of the experienced workers years ago.

Someone missed the news item when the Dreamlifter landed at Jabara Airport: The James Jabara family stated that their name was correctly pronounced “JA-BARE-uh,” not “JA-BAR-UH.” Although related to the familiar merchant Jabara family in Wichita, they choose to pronounce the name differently. This is their prerogative.

I moved to Wichita two months ago from Johnson County, where I lived for 40 years. I am continually amazed at the courteous and friendly nature of the people here. Having grown up in western Kansas, I feel like I have returned home.

Wichita has lost a good and faithful servant. Rest in peace, Dr. Douglas Douthit. You were loved and will be missed by many.

As the medical community mourns the shocking and untimely death of Dr. Douthit, many of us who knew him appreciate Dion Lefler’s journalism (Dec. 7 Local & State), which captured key essences of who he was to all of us and why, in part, he will be genuinely missed.

A huge “thank you” to the person who found and turned in my purse at Walmart at NewMarket Square. You saved our Christmas. May God shower you with blessings.

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