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December 2, 2013

Opinion Line (Dec. 2)

If the United States goes to war with China, will China loan us the money to do it?

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If the United States goes to war with China, will China loan us the money to do it?

In regard to Iran, I never thought I’d see the day when the French are stronger than the U.S. in protecting civilization from evil.

If the Obama administration is concerned about Iran obtaining nuclear weapons, why doesn’t it send Kathleen Sebelius there to manage Iran’s nuclear program?

You liberals wanted Obama. You got him. I’m a lower-middle-class working American getting hammered by Obama. I don’t give one penny to charities anymore. The money I pay in taxes is charity. All who think you’re entitled to my money: Get it from Obama.

If charitable organizations can take care of the needy without the government’s involvement, nothing is stopping them. Why aren’t they?

Lara Logan has been suspended by CBS for a possible error in reporting on Benghazi. When will President Obama, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and many others face the same discipline for their oft-repeated, egregious false reports all over the world about the attack?

Why are so many lying about President Obama lying, and why do so many believe the lies of the liars lying about President Obama lying?

The people in the capital of Panem, the mythical country of “The Hunger Games,” live regally amid plenty while those in the rest of the country barely stay alive. Sounds a lot like Washington, D.C., these days.

One-sixth of Americans are considered “food-challenged,” even some full-time workers. It is time to use wisdom and delete trash spending, such as on Planned Parenthood, and set up a tangible food program beyond food stamps. Our USA is better than this.

I had a phone call from Rep. Tim Huelskamp asking me to answer a survey that was only meant to tell me what I should be thinking. Each question was framed with at least 40 seconds of diatribe against the ACA and Obama.

Gov. Sam Brownback should run for re-election on a platform of increasing poverty and destroying our educational system. That’s really all he’s done so far.

I don’t know why everyone is so concerned about people having to work on Thanksgiving Day. Most are concentrating on their electronic gadgets instead of interacting with family anyway.

I would like to say “thank you” to the person who placed my car keys, which I had dropped, on my windshield instead of stealing my car. Have a blessed holiday.

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