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12/01/2013 12:00 AM

11/29/2013 5:02 PM

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Gov. Sam Brownback is right to not be sucked in by the federal government’s promise to reimburse the state for Medicaid expansion costs. The press is rife with accounts of the feds’ refusal of payment to local governments for services rendered.

We should make sure no child starves. But when it is said a “quarter of our state’s children live in poverty,” we wonder how many of those homes have big-screen TVs, computers, and smoking and drinking in the home, and whether parenting classes should be required to receive assistance.

Anyone else think it odd that our citizens are hungry but could not wait one more day to start Christmas shopping?

Good news: The area jobless rate drops, and the stock market reports seven straight weeks of gains and best performance in 15 years. Let’s keep President Obama forever.

I respect Hobby Lobby’s decision to not be open on Sunday because of the owner’s religious beliefs. However, it is wrong to push those beliefs onto employees by not covering contraceptives. Employees who cannot afford more children or cannot have children for health reasons would appreciate contraceptive coverage.

If those employers who oppose paying for contraception for their employees are successful in their court challenge, will those who oppose vaccination or blood transfusions be next to sue? Where does it end?

I should be the one who determines whether or not my affordable health insurance policy, which I have had for many years, is substandard.

The Affordable Care Act, the Toronto mayor, the Douglass bus driver – I am getting sick of the culture we have developed to keep kicking a person when he is down until he is a slobbering mess.

Seeing as how the bus driver in the Douglass incident is being charged with child endangerment and reckless driving, every bus driver in the state should have stayed home last week. I guess this means any bus driver who has a wreck from now should be charged with child endangerment.

You know what our city buses need (besides an air freshener)? Outlets to charge our phones, etc. Greyhound has them. Wake up, Wichita.

How about naming the airport the Gordon Parks Airport or the Chester Lewis Airport? Better yet, the Carry A. Nation Airport.

Charles Manson is allowed to marry, but same-sex couples cannot in the majority of states. Oh, well, as long as it’s one man and one woman, God is OK with it, I guess.

I’ve been looking for a used truck. It is sad that many of those less than 10 years old have rust problems. Most of the older ones are listed with all the parts that had to be replaced to keep them going. Is this the best U.S. manufacturers can do?

Unless you have a family to share it with, it is a house, not a home. Be thankful for your family, friends and health.

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