Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 19)

11/19/2013 12:00 AM

11/18/2013 5:29 PM

Bill Clinton waited, waited and waited for the right time. Then it became time to pay back Obama for all the dirty dealings he dished out to Hillary. The dagger was twisted deep over Obama’s broken insurance plan promises.

Obamacare is turning out to be a mirror image of the Obama administration: It is infected with deception, corruption, cronyism and socialism. ACA must be stopped before it inflicts insurmountable damage on the health of our nation’s economy, families and businesses, and reduces our health care system to Third World status.

It is ridiculous to think the Affordable Care Act is going to be affordable when the insurance companies can see the prices their competitors are charging. Applicants should be sent quotes by the insurance companies that only they can see.

I’ve read the Constitution and Bill of Rights over and over, and I can’t find the place where it says anyone in the country has the right to free use of a free cellphone. Maybe it’s in the Democrat Bill of Rights.

Since the gas prices are going down, is it Obama’s fault?

I worked for a corporation that decided to ban smoking on company property. One employee was upset. He said that the company knew he was a smoker when he was hired. I asked him if he was hired to smoke. We have many legislators who acknowledge their religious faith, but do we elect them to pray?

Gov. Sam Brownback’s “rock star” Susan Wagle, Senate president, said the Kansas Supreme Court has no business interpreting the state constitution. Unbelievable. Where was she during Civics 101?

No offense, Sen. Pat Roberts, but your several terms of ineffective leadership in resolving health care, Social Security and other looming issues should be cause for your resignation.

Naming the airport after Ike seemed like a good idea until I found out the cost. Mid-Continent is good. That money is better spent other places.

Isn’t it irresponsible, in these economic times, to consider spending huge amounts of money on nonessential projects like renaming the airport or whether to repair or tear down Century II? Can’t we try a little fiscal responsibility by holding off for more opportune times?

Back in ’83 we took our two young kids to the top of the World Trade Center. What a view. My daughter lives in Chicago now, and we’ve all been to the top of the Willis Tower. Like New York, we will come full circle when we stand atop the Freedom Tower next year.

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