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11/19/2013 12:00 AM

11/18/2013 5:28 PM

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If 7,000 area kids are sent home every weekend with a backpack of food, then there are 7,000 parents who need to be investigated for child neglect.

With an average increase of 5 percent per year, your water bill will double in 16 years. Will your income do the same?

The Kansas City Chiefs finally played a football team. Until now they had played the softest schedule in the National Football League.

I don’t know what hurts more – the cancellation of my insurance or the Chiefs’ loss to the Broncos.

Our health care system wasn’t broken until Obama and the Democrats broke it.

If John F. Kennedy were alive today, not only would he likely be kicked out of the Democratic Party, but he probably wouldn’t want to have anything to do with it.

I am better off since Obama took office. I have money in the bank and am buying another house. If a Republican gets in the White House again, I will no doubt be back where I was in the Bush years: broke and unable to afford repairs on my house.

Thank God we have two public servants who get it. Sedgwick County’s mental health workers need to help people, not push Obama’s failed agenda. County Commissioners Karl Peterjohn and Richard Ranzau are doing exactly what the people want.

Peterjohn and Ranzau must be the only ones in Sedgwick County who know there is no such thing as “free money.” Anyone who thinks there is had better wake up and smell the roses. What do you think your tax dollars are paying for?

“Thank you” to County Commissioners Jim Skelton, Dave Unruh and Tim Norton for their reasonable approach to issues that affect all of the constituents.

Why is Intrust Bank Arena’s management, SMG, so intense with the searches? We haven’t been searched that way at arenas in Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The TSA isn’t as bad. It will be worse when it gets cold and everybody is wearing a jacket.

Would someone please enlighten me on why every rapper has to grab his crotch?

Whoever abandoned those beautiful dogs in front of Dillons at 13th and Tyler on Sunday: Shame on you. Please don’t ever get another pet. You don’t deserve one.

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