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11/18/2013 12:00 AM

11/15/2013 7:44 PM

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Why are Democrats hiding behind Kathleen Sebelius and not accountable for anything they do? Did you really think we would have better and cheaper health care after Washington took control?

Cancellations of many existing policies, major premium increases and much higher deductibles. It appears the real beneficiaries of Obamacare are the so-called health insurance companies – in a program started with many closed-door meetings with Hillary Clinton 16 to 18 years ago.

Progressivism, which is contrary to our Constitution, was popularized by Presidents Roosevelt and Wilson largely because Americans weren’t well-educated at the time. The Clintons and Obamas have popularized progressivism again because our populace isn’t well-educated now.

Why has there been no outcry from the GOP about the DMV computer glitches in Kansas? Also, I haven’t heard anyone insist that someone needs to be fired or resign.

The DMV needs to get rid of the chaos by re-examining and refining its process, setting new standards for customer service, then training managers and other employees properly. Let’s give our present system a full-blown review and second chance. After that, “bye, bye.”

Wichita is not New Orleans or Las Vegas. Convention attendees aren’t wooed by the facilities. They want something to do. It would take a modern-day version of 19th-century Delano to get anyone to come here. Our city leaders are delusional if they believe otherwise.

We were told the Coliseum needed replacing. That’s been proved untrue. Next we were told the downtown library needs to be replaced. Also not true. Now we are told Century II needs to be bulldozed. Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us.

Whatever they are smoking at City Hall, they have developed a very cavalier attitude toward spending our money. The up to $728,000 estimated to cover an airport name change could cover some needed street repairs.

Just say “no” to any taxpayer funding to rename the airport after someone who wasn’t even born in Kansas.

At one time slavery was legal. Instead of recognizing human dignity, humans were reduced to “property.” Amendments to the Constitution were passed to outlaw slavery. Today we have laws permitting the death of our unborn children. We quibble over when their “human existence” begins. When will the Constitution be amended to protect their rights?

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