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11/16/2013 12:00 AM

11/15/2013 6:55 PM

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The Republican establishment, of which our Sen. Jerry Moran is a member, would rather Democrats be elected than many tea party conservatives. Moran didn’t get to lead the National Republican Senatorial Committee without being in the “club.”

Can any Eagle readers or writers explain where and how the objectives and probable results of this century’s U.S. liberals do and will differ from those of the past century’s world liberals?

As Kansans wrestle with the federal health care exchange, we should keep in mind that Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger was ready, willing and able to develop a comprehensive plan specifically for Kansans. Gov. Sam Brownback prohibited that, preferring federal control.

When I travel to other states, I am frequently asked how in the world Kathleen Sebelius ever became governor of Kansas. I don’t have an answer.

So, according to Sebelius (Nov. 7 Eagle), the ACA “navigators” may be convicted felons, gaining access to my financial information? What are people in Washington thinking? Oh, wait – they aren’t thinking.

Regarding the comment that no one gave Obama any credit for lowering gas prices: Thanks for the dollar decrease in gas, Mr. President, and the hundreds of dollars in increases for my health care.

In the days of the Wild West, people walked around with guns holstered on their hips. Wiser folks determined that this was a violent way to live. Slowly, we’re making our way around to those days again, illustrating that “if you don’t learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it.”

It seems The Eagle editorial board, despite all facts to the contrary, continues to hold tight to its Pollyanna belief that a sign on the door will keep criminals from illegally carrying guns into a building.

After every shooting that makes the news, why are the first fingers pointed at the NRA? What does the NRA have to do with it? No else in the world promotes gun safety and responsible, lawful firearms ownership the way the NRA does.

Spending up to $750,000 to change the name of the Wichita airport would be ridiculous, especially when everybody around here just calls it “the airport.”

Since KU’s focus on basketball renders it incapable of fielding a competitive football team, it should move to a basketball conference like the Missouri Valley and stop the BCS “weak opponent” damage it’s doing to the rest of the Big 12 football teams.

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