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November 17, 2013

Opinion Line (Nov. 17)

I would like to know how much of the money people have saved because of our new state income-tax cut actually has been spent in Kansas.

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I would like to know how much of the money people have saved because of our new state income-tax cut actually has been spent in Kansas.

If you saw a hungry child, would you turn your back and walk away or provide something to eat? If you voted Republican, or worse, tea party, your vote just turned its back and walked away.

People should have to pass a urine test to get any public assistance check.

I notice the governor and “top” Kansas legislators have avoided the idea of an excise tax to make up the education shortfall if the court rules in that manner. If they did consider such a tax, I’m sure they would want to levy it only upon people below a certain income.

Shame on Sedgwick County commissioners Karl Peterjohn and Richard Ranzau for opposing free money to help the medically underserved sign up for the Affordable Care Act. They are not acting in the best interest of all those they represent. Their radical beliefs are getting in the way of common sense.

The problem with people like Peterjohn and Ranzau is that they hate Obamacare but offer no solutions to the problem of the uninsured.

ACA, meet the DMV.

Is bald-faced lying an impeachable offense?

JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” Now it seems the current White House and Democrats have it as, “Let the government feed, provide money and health care assistance. Don’t do anything yourself. The government knows best and will take care of you.”

Yes, Afghan women are in trouble, but so are women in the U.S., three of whom get murdered and 600 of whom get raped every day. Where’s the Army to protect us?

After seeing all the gang sign graffiti down along the river, I wonder if we should give each homeless guy a 911 cellphone and $500 bounty on all vandals apprehended. The police are not getting the job done.

More tax breaks and bonds for aircraft manufacturers mean only one thing: more layoffs coming.

The Hutchinson High School football program should be eliminated, because the coaches, administration and teachers obviously have not been properly supervising the players. If I were a parent there, I would be concerned that lack of supervision is a systemic problem throughout the school, needing investigation by state authorities.

Doesn’t the core principle of football revolve entirely around bullying?

Where can you see a great movie in an original historic theater, with hometown feel and service? The Historic Augusta Theatre. It’s well worth the drive. I can’t wait to go back.

Class went out when rock ‘n’ roll came in.

Raking leaves goes against nature.

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