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November 13, 2013

Opinion Line (Nov. 13)

The price of gasoline sure has gone down quickly. Funny how free markets work.

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The price of gasoline sure has gone down quickly. Funny how free markets work.

President Obama apologized, so does that make it OK that thousands of people have lost their insurance? I don’t think so.

To those who are excited that their health insurance premiums have dropped under Obamacare: Don’t thank the president. Thank all of us who are now paying a higher premium and subsidizing your coverage. Isn’t socialism great?

You think you want Obamacare? That’s how Castro introduced the citizens of Cuba to communism. I can see this happening in the United States if Obama gets his way.

Congratulations to the governor for holding tough on cuts to all those shameless freeloaders gaming the system. It is high time we mercilessly cut food stamps for those freeloading lazy infants and their teenage mothers. We also need to get tough with the lazy freeloading seniors, mentally ill and physically disabled.

The airport should be named “Middle of Nowhere Airport,” because that is what it feels like walking out to your car in the middle of the night.

Keep the Wichita Mid-Continent Airport name as it is, and save the expense of buying new signs. Use the money not spent of changing the airport’s name to fix Wichita’s street problem.

We made a mistake on the casino vote. Please let the people vote on the name change idea of the airport.

Please tell me we’re not going to spend nearly a million dollars renaming an airport. Surely there are at least 1,000 other places this money could be better used. Thank you, Dave Bayouth, for being a voice of reason (Nov. 6 Eagle).

Since it is called the “Wichita” Mid-Continent Airport, doesn’t it already honor a group of people who gave up everything they had in order for us to enjoy the American way of life? Wouldn’t changing the name dishonor them?

It’s a shame that the WSU athletics department would allow Cox Cable to monopolize the men’s basketball TV schedule, televising games on its cable channel only and not allowing fans to watch unless they subscribe to Cox or go to a bar. This tells me that it’s all about the money.

Why does WSU not want a soccer program? It would be great to have one and a lot less expense than football. There are a lot of good players in Kansas.

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