Opinion Line Extra (Nov. 12)

11/12/2013 12:00 AM

11/11/2013 6:27 PM

I wish a bandwagon to nowhere would come through town, so all these folks who want to rename the airport after Ike could get on board and take their tax-dollar-wasting ideas with them.

With all the comments against rebuilding Century II and renaming the airport, it’s a cinch that Mayor Carl Brewer and company will just call us all naysayers and proceed with both. No doubt The Eagle editorial board will back them, too. It’s sad that we have no voice after the elections.

Imagine for a moment that Spirit was still Boeing and the IAM would be voting to accept a $10,000 signing bonus, just as the Machinists in Seattle are doing. That would help stimulate the Wichita economy, something Spirit isn’t able to do. The divestiture was misguided.

More than two years ago, I also experienced a medication price increase from the generic $4 list to astronomically unaffordable. I was told the increase was due to a shortage. However, there was no shortage for the same medication in different dosages than what I was prescribed. It’s manipulation by the drug manufacturers.

Why do they call it “affordable care” when it is neither?

There was no “I’m sorry” from President Obama for misleading 300 million people over Obamacare. Period.

Obama’s apology to Americans who are “finding themselves in this situation” because of his lies about health care is still not an acceptance of his responsibility in this.

How could Sen. Pat Roberts accuse Secretary Kathleen Sebelius of not doing the assigned duties? Where was he during the do-nothing Congress?

Kansas Republicans shouldn’t be so fast in hating the ACA rollout. It seems like the DMV has been rolling out its new computer systems for about 1 1/2 years now.

Some wonder where the shooter at LAX got his conspiracy theory. Maybe he was in contact with those in Kansas protesting Common Core.

Jesus said, “Suffer me the little children.” And the Republicans said, “Yea verily, the children shall suffer.”

The corporations that receive huge tax cuts should start donating large amounts of money to local food banks, due to the cuts in food stamps.

I would like to know where I can find the Scriptures that were left out of the Bible. I would like to read what the men left out when they wrote the Bible. I don’t think they should have put in only what they thought was accurate.

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