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11/12/2013 12:00 AM

11/11/2013 6:27 PM

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Why don’t we just sell the naming rights to the airport? It would help defray some of the costs. Does anybody care what the name is anyway?

I fly into Wichita occasionally and have wondered why it was named Mid-Continent when Kansas is not the continental center. It really reflects poorly on a nice town.

Eisenhower Airport? Let’s see – he initiated our longest war, Vietnam; endorsed the sick and twisted Sen. Joseph McCarthy; refused to support the Supreme Court in desegregating schools; and chose Richard Nixon for vice president.

Has anyone bothered to ask the Eisenhower family if it wants the Wichita airport named after Ike?

Gov. Sam Brownback, sworn on a Bible to execute the law, steals $7.4 million from the counties to mask his self-inflicted sinkhole deficit? Sedgwick County doesn’t bother to join 50-plus counties in the suit? My, what wicked webs we weave when business barons get all receipts.

After blaming our Kansas Supreme Court for requiring the Legislature to obey a constitutional duty to fund public education, the governor and legislators place their tax-cut-created financial crisis on the backs of schoolchildren, claiming the obligation to educate our kids causes less funding for state colleges and universities.

There’s no constitutional crisis. The Supreme Court simply has no authority to mandate how legislators vote on appropriations bills. Nor is the court a dictator over the other two co-equal branches. Let’s have the court issue an injunction telling each legislator how to vote, and see what happens.

It’s amusing that while protest singers like Phil Ochs, Pete Seeger and Joan Baez are revered for their courage and assumed righteousness, the tea party is reviled for merely expressing support for our founding documents and obeying our laws.

At what point does Obamacare become bad enough that we can scrap it and start over?

Obama is the Bernie Madoff of health insurance.

If you have affordable health care, you didn’t pay for that. Someone else paid for that. Sound familiar? Except this time it is true.

The prescription plan for seniors was passed and signed into law unfunded. And our government still refuses to allow Medicare to negotiate to get the best price for the drugs. But somehow the solution to our deficit is to cut food stamps.

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