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11/10/2013 12:00 AM

11/08/2013 6:15 PM

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The “Air Capital” moniker relates to building the planes only. Everything else is a bit of a rough landing. You have wind, sun, a river and flat terrain in abundance. Flow with it creatively and be unique, Wichita. That’s what attracts people.

Please do not spend money to change the airport’s name. If this money is available to spend on a new name, it could be better spent fixing roads and helping the less fortunate this winter.

It seems that Eisenhower can be honored with a mountain range in Antarctica, a tunnel in Colorado, a mountain peak in New Hampshire, an office building in Washington, and schools all across the nation but not with an airport in Wichita in his home state. And whom does “Mid-Continent” honor?

Tear down Century II and rename the airport – two terrible ideas that accomplish nothing but spending taxpayer money. The city cannot even keep up routine maintenance on the streets, and yet someone wants to waste money on two totally useless projects.

You are out of your minds. Leave Century II to our future generations. The building is sound, the parking is OK, the restrooms are good, and the seats are comfortable. What do you want? The problem is the management not promoting its potential.

I bet a majority of Democrats wish they had listened to the Republicans about delaying Obamacare. It’s ironic that a month ago the Republicans were offering the Democrats a lifeline. If they had listened and delayed it, the Democrats would’ve avoided shutting the government down and avoided this fiasco.

The Supreme Court said Obamacare was a tax. So is it constitutional for the government to lie about a tax to get a tax levied? Wouldn’t that be taxation with misrepresentation?

Sen. Pat Roberts’ tirade against HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius in Wednesday’s Senate hearing was a good example of bullying and is typical of today’s Washington.

Roberts has lost all sense of shame. He owes his career to former congressman Keith Sebelius, Kathleen Sebelius’ father-in-law. Roberts has been on the public dole all his adult life with great retirement benefits and the best health insurance money can buy.

After Sebelius’ testimony to both committees, the entire country now understands that even a Midwestern state can elect a progressive-socialist liar as governor.

I wonder if our good state Republican politicians who mock the rollout of Obamacare and call for Sebelius’ resignation are equally critical of their own prolonged DMV computer problems and, in Sedgwick County, our wonderful voting machine fiasco.

The Brownback tax plan has been in place almost a full year. Kansas unemployment continues to rise. Where are the promised jobs? Gov. Sam Brownback has until November 2014, or he can add himself to the unemployed.

Just a reminder to all readers regarding deer: If you’re going to hit one, be sure the animal has liability insurance.

How the dynamics of America would change if jalapenos got you high.

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